Sunday, January 29, 2012

EDU Lab 2

One of my EDU 355 labs we are learning elementary games that are pretty fun and creative.  A few of the games we learned were Fire Chief, clear over the river, toothbrush tag, and swat the flag.   All of these games can be used to measure locomotor skills or practice locomotor skills. 
Fire chief is a good game that is set up with the same amount of groups as hula hoops.  From there the hula hoops are placed on one side of the gym and the groups form lines on the other end.  The students objective is to run down to the other end and run around the hula hoop to put out the fire by waving their hands over the hula hoops and then they run back down to their group.  The run can be subisituted in for any locomotor skill such as running, walking, hopping, jumping, galloping, skipping, sliding, or anything else someone can think of. 
Clear over the river was a fun game that can be use to practice or assess throwing skills.  The ideal game has a rope from one side of the area to the next and one team on each side.  There will be multiple items and objects on the floor that the students can pick up and throw over the rope to the other side.  Now if the students are successful at this and do not use proper technique to throw the objects, setting up two ropes and having a space in between them called a “river” where students must throw or try to throw over it to the other side, when they are doing this remember to emphasize the techniques to throwing properly. 
Toothbrush tag would be a good game for a warm up in my opinion.  There was a tooth paste tube that was actually just a pillow with duct tape around on end that made the pillow look like a tube of tooth paste.  This was the side of the gym with the students who had the noodles or tooth brushes.  The other students were the germs or the not it students and had to run towards the tooth brushes until the teacher yells “the germs are coming!  The germs are coming!” and then the tooth brushes are allowed to chase the germs and try to tag them until the germs enter their safe zone. 
The last game we played was Swat the fly, this was a fun game that allowed students to chase each other with a different person than to simply tag the other person.  Some students would have a long rope that had a paper plate with a fly or drum picture on it and other students will have noodles and will run around and try to hit the fly or drum that is being dragged around.  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Physical Education Expectation!

               In my Basketball coaching clinic class I am taking we had a discussion on our teaching and coaching philosophies and our first assignment was to turn our core values of our philosophy into a diagram.  I thought this was a really neat idea that had potential for a lot of creativity.  My first problem I ran across when trying to think of blueprint was a title.  In one of my Basketball Coaching classes we talked about how using the words standards and expectations is a better and more positive way to set rules for a classroom.  I liked the vibe those words bring to the classroom so I came up with the title Physical Education Expectations.  My core values for my teaching philosophy are; always be respectful of the equipment, environment, and others, Have Fun and always be smiling, always put forth your best effort, be open minded, and uphold self integrityI also thought it would be a good idea to throw some other key words on the front as well such as motivation and be safe.  On the back are standards and expectations of the student and myself the teacher.  The back starts off with the definition of the word integrity.  I thought that students should pay special attention to the word because if everyone has good integrity in the classroom then I believe the class will be better fitted to succeed.  The student and teacher expectations are; Student expectations
·         Students will be safe
·         Students will have fun
·         Students will come prepared to participate everyday in class
·         Students will be respectful to others and the equipment
·         Students will listen when others are talking
·         Students will put forth their best effort
·         Students will come to class with a positive and enthusiastic attitude everyday
·         Students will be open minded
·         Students will have fun

Teacher expectations
·          I will provide a safe and healthy environment for the students
·         I will have fun
·         I will put forth my best effort to physically educate the students
·         I will put forth my best effort to make sure activities and games are fun and creative
·         I will be a role model for my students
·         I will be bring a positive attitude and enthusiasm to every class
·         I will be respectful t others and equipment                                                                                                                                     .....(The word respect and leadership are both running vertical one down each side of the picture The image changed when I posted it to Google docs.  Also the pages are front and back).


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Field Experience winter of 2011-2012

Monday January 23 2012 was a date that was being dread for the students who just completed their field experience, because this was the day of the final interview.  This post interview was extremely nerve racking and every peer of mine would agree, the field experience took up nearly everyone’s winter break and was awfully tedious.  However the field experience was not that bad I have subbed in the past and it was actually better practice than subbing because I was in Physical Education classes all day every day.  I was truly blessed with going to a small school with such a great Phys Ed program.  All three of the Physical Education teachers were Cortland Graduates and were obviously familiar with the Cortland Physical Education philosophy.  Mrs.  Reynolds, Mr.  Reynolds, and Mr.  Johnston gave me countless opportunities to practice running drill, warm ups, activities, closers, and cool downs. 
One of the warm up I was capable to observe was an interesting one that the girls really enjoyed.  All the girls got in a big circle an took two steps back, then they laid down on their stomachs  and one girl ran started in one direction and began to run and jump over the girls that were laying down.  Once the girl who started jumped over a girl that girl now has to stand up and follow the girl in front of her.  What I thought was clever was sometimes some students are not physically able to jump over someone safely so for a class like that she would have all the girls stand up in the circle and zig zag in and out of each other in the same direction as they would have before.  I thought this game was great so I played it when there was sub in for my host teacher and the girls liked it so much they wanted to get timed, I thought that this was great the girls went over the warm up time that I planned for but they were just having so much fun and were being very active. 
A game that the boys played was called Tchouk Ball, which I thought was awesome because we learned that game in our EDU 255 class during our international game unit.  Seeing the game in an actual classroom really impressed me and made me appreciate the program I was able to observe and assist in.   One thing I would have changed about the Tchouk Ball lessons I observed would have been the progressions leading up to the actual game play.  My ideal Tchouk ball lesson would have mini games and progression activities that practice skills, proper techniques, and tactical attacks, then would lead into the game play.  However even without the progression the students did have some sort of proper technique in place for throwing a ball, passing, and spatial awareness. 
My entire field experience was honestly one of the most fun times I have ever had in a physical education setting.  The class room had such a positive vibe to it, Mrs.  Reynolds has so much enthusiasm and energy, she is so engaged with the students and they all follow their teacher and are enthusiastic and energetic about class and the activities.  The girls like doing warm ups, they enjoy stretching, Mrs.  Reynolds told me she knows something about every single one of her girls and can talk to them about anything.  Mrs.  Reynolds has so much respect from the students that there was no discipline issues, and no problems participating.  I Thank the Chateaugay Central School so much for the opportunity to work them, I cannot wait to go back and sub this upcoming spring!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I will, I hope, I believe

I will strive for more than just to get a job when I graduate, my dream job is to work in a facility with positive attitudes and good colleagues.  I would hope to work in the summer as an athletic direct of a summer camp and being able to teach and encourage kids year year around with psychical fitness.  I believe that I will impact the students in a positive manner and build their character, leadership skills, and their self confidence.

My First Bulletin Board!!

Posted by PicasaI recently just finished my EDU 255 observation and assisting field experience over my past winter brake and I created my first bulletin board!  I was a little nervous coming up  with a good bulletin board idea, the high school boys were playing Tchoukball ball and I was going to use that game as my theme.  However my host teacher asked me to create a bulletin board on sportsmanship.  I Loved the idea!  So she showed me the board and I got to work now the board looks like this