Thursday, January 26, 2012

Physical Education Expectation!

               In my Basketball coaching clinic class I am taking we had a discussion on our teaching and coaching philosophies and our first assignment was to turn our core values of our philosophy into a diagram.  I thought this was a really neat idea that had potential for a lot of creativity.  My first problem I ran across when trying to think of blueprint was a title.  In one of my Basketball Coaching classes we talked about how using the words standards and expectations is a better and more positive way to set rules for a classroom.  I liked the vibe those words bring to the classroom so I came up with the title Physical Education Expectations.  My core values for my teaching philosophy are; always be respectful of the equipment, environment, and others, Have Fun and always be smiling, always put forth your best effort, be open minded, and uphold self integrityI also thought it would be a good idea to throw some other key words on the front as well such as motivation and be safe.  On the back are standards and expectations of the student and myself the teacher.  The back starts off with the definition of the word integrity.  I thought that students should pay special attention to the word because if everyone has good integrity in the classroom then I believe the class will be better fitted to succeed.  The student and teacher expectations are; Student expectations
·         Students will be safe
·         Students will have fun
·         Students will come prepared to participate everyday in class
·         Students will be respectful to others and the equipment
·         Students will listen when others are talking
·         Students will put forth their best effort
·         Students will come to class with a positive and enthusiastic attitude everyday
·         Students will be open minded
·         Students will have fun

Teacher expectations
·          I will provide a safe and healthy environment for the students
·         I will have fun
·         I will put forth my best effort to physically educate the students
·         I will put forth my best effort to make sure activities and games are fun and creative
·         I will be a role model for my students
·         I will be bring a positive attitude and enthusiasm to every class
·         I will be respectful t others and equipment                                                                                                                                     .....(The word respect and leadership are both running vertical one down each side of the picture The image changed when I posted it to Google docs.  Also the pages are front and back).


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