Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lab 3

Lab 3 was great and really tested my endurance!  I had a blast with the games we were playing in the gym.  We played speedball which is always fun and is a mix of soccer, basketball, and hand ball.  The kids surprisingly caught on very well even though some of them were pretty selfish with the goal scoring but that is expected with kids.  To help with the selfishness one of the rules were we had to pass it three times before shooting or the goal did not count.  The game that really got my blood flowing was the scooter game that was similar to speedball.  The scooter game had all the players on scooters and two goals set up with one ball in play.  the object was to pass the ball down the court or slide down the court on the scooter.  After playing the game and pushing my body all over with my legs I was extremely sore and exhausted, the St.  Mary kids and the College kids had a blast playing this game!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gaming in the Gym!?

The Cortland Mini Conferences this year were great! I really enjoyed the opening flash mob it got everybody in the crowd involved and moving right away. After the flash mob there was a guest speaker who spoke about the brain and how students perform better when they are more active. Once the Guest Speaker was finished I went down to the Exergame Fitness mini conference, where we played video games. Now I say video games but they were not games where someone sits down and uses just their thumbs and a controller, they were games where people were up and participating whether it be a punching bag or a cardio bike the people were engaged and extremely active. I really enjoyed the one game that was a modified Dance Dance Revolution game. The game had a projector screen and two punching bags that had four spots to punch, kick, or knee. I had a great work out from this and really think it could fit into Physical Education setting.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lab 2

St.  Mary's was really great for lab 2.  I had  a blast playing with the Pre-K kids.  At the beginning of the lab we assessed two students on their basic motor skills.  After that we went out to the playground and from there the kids made us play pirate ship where we could receive ice cream if the kids liked us.  Also by standing in the pirate ship we were in "jail" and in a lava pit while being served ice cream.  Once we got inside our group had a few games for the kids in the gym.  The kids all participated well and had fun.  We played a game where we had to hop out of hoola hoops and another game where we had to throw little stuffed animals through a hoola hoop that was held up by a group member.  I ended the day by helping two of the pre-k kids through our final activity, dance, and song.  I had a lot of fun even tho I was sweating so bad and was extremely exhausted by the end of the day.
 Check out the lab!!