Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lab 3

Lab 3 was great and really tested my endurance!  I had a blast with the games we were playing in the gym.  We played speedball which is always fun and is a mix of soccer, basketball, and hand ball.  The kids surprisingly caught on very well even though some of them were pretty selfish with the goal scoring but that is expected with kids.  To help with the selfishness one of the rules were we had to pass it three times before shooting or the goal did not count.  The game that really got my blood flowing was the scooter game that was similar to speedball.  The scooter game had all the players on scooters and two goals set up with one ball in play.  the object was to pass the ball down the court or slide down the court on the scooter.  After playing the game and pushing my body all over with my legs I was extremely sore and exhausted, the St.  Mary kids and the College kids had a blast playing this game!

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