Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Haunted Hoops!!

Lab 4 was a success; I had the opening game to be assessed.  My game was haunted hoops and the object was for the kids to match up with a partner and throw a spider from the hula hoops, at objects scattered throughout the gym.  Then they had to go get the spider and the object if they made the spider hit the object and throw them both back to their partner who is standing in the hoop.  The game was good however I had trouble getting the kids to listen and understand the directions.  Big thanks to my classmates who were really involved with the kids and were their partners that helped them during the game after it began.  The kids who caught onto the game had fun with it.  One of the kids was a little discouraged about catching the objects.  Once the game began and he caught his first object he got very confident very quick and started having a blast because he and his partner were having so much success catching and passing in the game.  

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