Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Success and a Smile

Monday at St. Mary’s was a hectic day because it was Halloween. Some kids were extremely energetic, some were shy, and some kids came out of there shell a bit. One girl in particular caught my attention. She was sitting down with a sad look on her face. Instead of prying and jumping into the little girl’s problem I sat down next to her crossed legged and when Maggie (one of my peer teachers) was done explaining the rules I asked the girl if I could be on her team. She looked at me and gave me a snub yes and walked away. So I went over to her team and I asked her name and she gave me a short response. So the point of the game was to throw and catch an object and eventually move the object from the middle of the area to their goal without dropping it. I lined up so I had to throw the object to the little girl. She just stood there at first and when I tossed her the object it just hit her and fell. I laughed at the stubbornness it was very adorable. She saw me laugh so she smiled and the next time I threw the object she stuck her hands out and caught it and I threw my hands up and said YAY!! Watching her go from sad and nonparticipating to having a huge smile and actually throwing and catching honestly made my entire day. I really felt that I showed her that the game was fun and there was no need to be sad and shy.   

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