Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gaming in the Gym!?

The Cortland Mini Conferences this year were great! I really enjoyed the opening flash mob it got everybody in the crowd involved and moving right away. After the flash mob there was a guest speaker who spoke about the brain and how students perform better when they are more active. Once the Guest Speaker was finished I went down to the Exergame Fitness mini conference, where we played video games. Now I say video games but they were not games where someone sits down and uses just their thumbs and a controller, they were games where people were up and participating whether it be a punching bag or a cardio bike the people were engaged and extremely active. I really enjoyed the one game that was a modified Dance Dance Revolution game. The game had a projector screen and two punching bags that had four spots to punch, kick, or knee. I had a great work out from this and really think it could fit into Physical Education setting.

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