Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Do physical activity not drugs!

Drugs in schools are always an obstacle that students and educators must face.  An article on Exercise and Substance Use Among American Youth found in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine by Yvonne M.  Terry-McElrath discusses the relationship between drugs and student athlete’s performance in the classroom and exercise.   The study shows how students who did not use drugs or alcohol including tobacco had higher grades and increase in exercise performance.  The study also states that students who did use drugs and alcohol used less when they were exercising and participating on the athletic team.  Seeing how substance abuse patients use exercise and physical activity to help control and decrease craving for their addiction, while students are using physical exercise to fill the need for drugs and alcohol.  Now do not get me wrong rehab patients and high school athletes are completely different and are not directly related, but there is a connection between the physical activity and the drug use.  As the reports show besides dealing with alcohol and high school students the drug use both decreased as physical activity increased.  Many people get discouraged when they hear the words physical activity or physical fitness, however many activities that are lifelong healthy activities are recreational and fun, it is more than just going to the gym and working out.  Activities such as hiking, kayaking, golf, tennis, or even dance are all healthy activities that can be used by anyone especially substance abuse patients.  In many of the studies above athletics and physical activities took the place of using drugs and alcohol and have turned their physical activity into a new positive habit. (Picture)

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