Monday, April 2, 2012

Written Assessment!

Today was my first time giving a written assessment to actual students instead of my peers.  Today my trip to Newark Valley Middle School my partner and I had a written affective assessment that addressed 3 out of 4 dribbling cues and an example of how they demonstrated good sportsmanship during the lesson.  Managerially the assessment went fine we had all the students spread out along the mid court line and one of us passed out the pencils and the assessment while the other explained the directions.  We gave the students about 5 minutes which did not seem to be enough time for some of them.  The answers we received were very interesting and varied from basic one word response to 3 to 4 sentence reply.  Once the first class got done with our assessment they were given a free period so I went and worked with some of the girls with jump rope and we ended up playing a game that had 3 girls jumping rope at once counting to see how many successful jumps they could get as a whole.  The next class that came in we were able to set up and explain team handball which involved bouncing a ball into a goalie free net and having the option to shoot the ball at the basketball hoop.  During the game one of the students had a problem with how his team was not playing defense well and he chose to come over to me and yelled that it was “bullcrap”, I asked him what he said and he realized he wasn’t allowed to speak like that and he responded with saying that it was wrong how his team wasn’t passing him the ball and wasn’t stopping the other team from scoring.  I explained to him that he cannot help his team when he is arguing and needs to cut or some sort of offensive move to get open.  The student caught me off guard because I was not expecting him to be so upset it seemed liked everyone was enjoying the game.  I thought I handled the situation appropriately and it reminded me of my 255 class and skill acquisition class because when we had teaching assignments our peers would imitate disruptive students, and in this case that definitely helped me.

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