Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little look at some history!

Schools have grown in a variety of ways over the years from race and ethnicity, the gender, and public growth of the education system.  Education has come a long way since the 17th century in the United States; it has grown from simple trade schools to the laws and rules of the classroom we have today.  The first schools in the 17th century were based around apprenticeships, informal family education, dame schools, and it went as far as hired tutors.  As the 18th century came around the corner the nation grew more concerned about education, and the states got more involved as well.  As the years went on secondary schools began to grow and become more relevant in the education system.  Ethnicity throughout the years has been an issue even with the schools today.  Prudence Crandall was one of the pioneers for bringing education to African American girls in the 1800’s.  She was taught by active abolitionists who were fighting for racial equality; therefore this was a driving force behind her interest in education equality.     She began her own school for girls in Canterbury, where the first black girl was admitted.  The reason this was such a huge deal even though Connecticut was a free state meaning African Americans were not slaves, was that many of the whites in that area wanted the freed African Americans to be deported.   Believe it or not many of the whites were afraid of interracial marriages and wanted African Americans to leave.  Even with the harassment verbally and what not she still was persistent  in teaching young black girls and after her passing the education for African Americans continued to grow.  (image click here)

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