Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Warren Peter Patterson
Section 2
Question 3
Bullying is a serious issue that all students must face in one way or another in today’s schools.  For students who are quite, not participate, unhappy, or even act out through aggression may all be signs of that student being bullied.  Students today however have a new tool to use when it comes to bullying and that my friend is called the internet.  The internet or cyber-bullying has really changed the face of bullying because now students go home and leave school and have to continue to face this humiliation at home.  Many schools today including some in Tulsa have anti bullying programs that teach students about bullying and help them through stories and other educational activities. 
 The adolescent mind changes as students go form elementary school to middle school then on to high school.  However going from elementary to middle school is a big step and many students have angst and feel pressure to do well from there peers, teachers and parents that they may not have felt before.  Middle school students are maturing or going through the process of maturing and this is a crucial period for kids and it is important that teachers are helpful, informative, and always there to listen and ask questions.   Students all mature at different levels and this gives more chance for bullying to occur.  In Physical Education teachers have the opportunity to teach student how to defend themselves against bullies.  The moral and principal of self-defense should be taught way before students learn the physical aspect of the karate.   At SUNY Cortland physical educators are required to take a self defense class that focuses on lessons that address simple and basic escape maneuvers and tactics.  The skills of self defense can be taught at all levels differently and teaches students how to be physically and mentally tough against bullies and the physical and mental harassment. 

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