Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EDU 470 question 8

While being at Cortland I have had a wide variety of teachers ranging from hard raw old school teaching to a technologically based classroom setting and I could sit here for hours explain to someone how one of the styles are better than the other or in which class did I learn more in however regardless of how I learned they all had good teaching philosophies that at the end of the day taught students.  Every teaching philosophy is unique and can have a lot of individuality to it and that is what makes a good philosophy being able to add a sense of individuality to your thoughts and teachings.   The philosophies in the United States are essentialism, perennialism, progressivism, social reconstructionists, and existentialism.  An essentialism approach has the idea to teach the students the absolute needs or the “essentials” to character development, academic knowledge, and patriotism.  Perennialism come from a more context and factual approach, this kind of philosophy is structured around text books, and ideas and concepts.  Progressivism is more of an authentic approach to the real world with primarily focusing their educational beliefs on the concerns, curiosity, and real life experience for the students.   Social Reconstructionists relate to the students refining and “reconstructing” the justifications of society and are trying to teach to make society a better place for everyone.   The last philosophy existentialism is very similar to one of Mosston’s styles of teaching which was self-teaching because both of these styles and philosophy deal with allowing students to find the answer to their questions and pretty much re-discover the wheel and all the mistakes along the way.  Along with the mistakes they learn, the students also will learn the valuable lessons as well that go into “remaking the wheel”. 
I am a firm believer in teaching through the physical and building character through physical education.  I would have to categorize myself under the progressivism philosophy, I support the idea of being taught information that is relevant in today’s world.  I like how progressivism wants to move away from the textbook material and get more hands on with the material. 
My educational philosophy tells a lot about me as a teacher and what my goals are for the students.  My goal is simple I want you to leave my class happy and a better more knowledgeable person.  I want my students to truly learn and build their character through physical activity and by always challenging themselves physically and cognitively.  Students should understand what it means to be responsible and respectful and that is where our roles as educators can have an impact on each student’s demeanor.  This handout I made for my future Physical educational classes. 

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