Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Business community surrounding schools

The business community influences the school culture and finances in many ways.  For example the school I am from had 69 students who graduated and one of the neighboring schools graduated around 200 students annually.  The differences between these two schools are not only their graduation number but their communities and the businesses that are in those communities are different and have different impacts on the schools.  The smaller school has a small community where the major businesses around the area are family owned convenient stores and farms.  This does not provide a lot of opportunities for the students in that community.  The students do not have a local recreational center to go to so they can partake in organized activities.  With the poor local business and low population there are not as many opportunities for local sport teams and out of season leagues.  The bigger school is surrounded by a much larger community the businesses around this area range from local privately owned businesses to huge corporations such as Burger Kind and Wal- Mart.  Also in this area there is enough money to afford local recreational centers that have indoor soccer fields and organized leagues that people can join and sign up for. The smaller community does not have the resources or income to give the same opportunities as the bigger community. 
 I do not agree with corporate funding of schools because I believe that public schools need to be funded by the community and a portion of that can be corporate but not enough for the corporate to have an omniscient role in that school community.  If there were to be just strictly corporate funding in schools then that school will be ran to make money for that corporation, students will become advertisement property and instead of playing for a community the athletes and sports of the school would be representing a corporate company instead of a school and what the school means and represents. 
 If there were to be a place for corporate funding in schools the politics of that corporation would have to be set aside.  The main purpose of the school is to educate and give children/ young adults the tools necessary to be successful in today’s society.  That goes beyond contextual information and includes ethical, moral, and character values as well.  No matter the business community surrounding a school whether it be small privately owned business or huge multi million dollar corporations the main priority should always be the student’s education. 

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