Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Warren Peter Patterson
Section 2
Question 1
From my standpoint diversity is the amount of culture and uniqueness that is brought into each classroom and lesson plan.  When most people think of the word diversity they assume that people are usually talking about someone’s race or ethnicity, it also includes all stereotypes from cultural background, to religion, gender, social status, and educational level; all of these generalizations give labels to students that are unfair and detrimental to their learning. 
Diversity does not just affect the students it also has an impact on the teachers as well.  Each teacher is different along with each principal, school nurse, custodian, and all other faculty members that make up a school.  On a personal level I come from a rural prominently white area, there are a few black families and that is it.  The rest of our diversity in our community come from the social class, which includes where people live and how much money there family makes.
As a substitute teacher and completing over 75 plus field experience hours there were
some issues with students saying inappropriate generalizations about other students, for
example the term “throwing like a girl” is inappropriate because it is a subtle rude comment that indicate females cannot throw a ball or whatever the object was. 
Personally I feel that students should be given many opportunities to express themselves individually in an educational setting.  As physical educators it is our job to integrate what the students learn in other classes into our own lessons and own classrooms, this includes even outside the typical math, English, science into the other classes such as art and music.  As physical educators we have the ability and opportunity to teach dance and listen to music while we teach therefore physical educators need to bring relevance to the music that is playing and bring the dancing to life with its history and positive background information. 
 Many games and new technology are helping bridge the gap between the integration of art and music into the PE setting.  With games like DDR this allows students to stimulate themselves mentally with the video game however it also is keeping the student active and has them dancing and moving to beat with rhythm.  Even though it is expensive the investment is well worth it not just for the students but for after school workshops for parents and other faculty members as well.  

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