Monday, March 19, 2012

Basketball Assessment

Today at Newark Valley Middle School my partner and I decided to our lesson focus on basketball dribbling   skills and begin pre-testing them as well.  Today as a whole I thought our class had a lot of fun because we were so enthusiastic and engaged with the kids.  They were 5th grade girls playing simple dribbling games such as Dribble Blink where they basically have a staring contest while dribbling the ball, Traffic Light- speed dribble, walk dribble, or triple threat stance on the teachers cues Green light, Yellow light, Red light, and the last game we played was Dribble Knockout which was continuous because we used both sides of the court to make sure the kids were always playing.  At first I was a little nervous playing these games with kids just because I thought they would feel too old and may not have fun with it however, I brought a lot of enthusiasm and had fun playing with them so I think that is why the games ran so smoothly.   We pre-tested throughout the class while one of us was teaching the other was observing and assessing the students.  Overall the skill level of the kids was at a competent level for being in 5th grade.  It was obvious that some of the girls had experience with dribbling the ball versus some of the others that were at beginning stages of dribbling.  There was improvement throughout the lesson, some girl who was struggling with dribbling with her head up in the begging was dribbling with her head up stationary by the end of class was participating in the blinking game and won! 

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