Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kan Jam!

Kan Jam is a fun game that has grown extremely popular around college campuses; it was originated not far from Cortland.  The origination of Kan Jam was in buffalo by Charles Sciandra and Paul Swisher in the mid 90’s, and went on sale in 2005.  Swisher was a Physical Education teacher and began selling the game in his local home area and used the game in his physical education program.  Eventually Swisher sold his share and the game was tweaked a little more and it set off around 2007 with selling over 14,000 units and now is the go to game when sun is shining.  The game is played with 2 plastic sheets rolled into a barrel, the objective is to throw a Frisbee at the “can” and if it hits the can you get 2 points if your partner hits the Frisbee and the Frisbee this the “can” 1 point is awarded, if your partner hits the Frisbee down into the can the 3 points are awarded, and if the Frisbee enters the slot or the top of the can without anyone touching it then the game is over and the team that threw the Frisbee wins.  So here are some cues to throwing the Frisbee, Step with same foot as throwing hand with shoulder facing target, Extend the arm and flick wrist with your pointer finger ending pointed at your target.  Catching the Frisbee (which is not needed in Kan Jam ) begins with getting your body in front of the Frisbee and clapping your hands together so the Frisbee is in between both hands.

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