Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Monday at Newark Valley Middle School our students were beginning their fitness testing unit, and Monday was the start of the pacer test.  This test is used to measure the students cardiovascular and cardio respiratory fitness level.  The test is set up with two lines or makers 20 meters a part then a musical player will be on beeping and counting, the beep speed increase as the amount of laps or one count are completed.  The 5th grade girls that were tested did a very impressive job some students scored above 50 and some were even above 60!  After the pacer test we had 4th graders and our host teacher asked us to come up with a game involving hula hoops and a ball, so I remembered the game Hooper which I saw being played during my 256 Field experience over our winter break.   The game is played with a lot of the same rules as ultimate Frisbee with the three steps and passing and tactical approach.  We paused the game a few times to go over spatial awareness and moving without the ball to get open.  Hooper is a little different then ultimate Frisbee because in the endzone’s there are two goalies that have hula hoops and their team has to throw the ball through the hula hoop without physically stepping into the endzone where the goalie is.  The goalie in this game is allowed to move however must stay in their own endzone.  Our host teacher liked the game a lot and complemented on how the goalies were interactive instead of simply standing in a goal like other games such as handball, floor hockey and soccer.  

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