Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cooperative Games!

This week at Newark Valley Middle School our lesson was focused around cooperative games such as, Birthday Lineup, Pacman Tag, Human Knot, and Chuck the Chicken.  Pacman Tag was our fun way of warming up after the students jogged and did sit-ups, the other three activities that we used were pretty successful minus the Human Knot.  The 5the grade students had trouble untangling the Human Knot, some strategies the students tried were using brute force to break through each other’s arms, other strategies were to step over and under each other, no group was successful with this but the students still had fun and opened up a little bit with the whole touching of other boys and girls hands.  The next activity was the silent Birthday Lineup; for this activity all the students must be  completely quite the entire time, the object is to line up themselves up from January to December based on what day they were born, however they are not allowed to talk to each other.  Some obstacles I faced with this activity were the students knowing their birthday and the months in general.  Even though we reviewed the months quickly before the activity some students did not know them, therefore if I had this class every day we would work on the months and other activities or have them up on a poster somewhere in the gym.  The last game that the students seemed to enjoy was chuck the chicken, and this involved a foam soccer ball, and two groups of students.  The game starts with two groups and one group starts with the ball and must pass the ball over their head and under their legs to the person behind them in a straight line, the last person in line then throws the ball.  The other group will be in a huddle and the last person in their line will be running around the huddle and for each lap around they receive a point and when the ball is thrown they stop and go get the ball and perform what was listed above.  This game was really fun the students lost track of their scores and still had a blast even with no winner or loser.  

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