Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Introduction into Substance Abuse and Physical Activity

Everyday people are victims of substance abuse and it is a very difficult situation to overcome, however physical activity can help the process.  Physical activity has many positive effects on individual moods and behavior so one can assume that it would also impact people with substance abuse problems in a positive manner as well and can help with the recovery process.  The article Exercise preferences of patients in substance abuse treatment in Mental Health and Physical Activity by Ana M.  Abrantes discusses the relationship between patients in substance abuse programs and physical activity.  The research they conducted said that 71% of the patients were not regularly participating in physical activity however 95% of patients showed interest in programs that were exercised focused.  Physical activity was shown to help with moods, self efficacy for abstinence, decrease the crave for using substances, and helps with the coping aspect of substance abuse.    The programs have different opportunities for patients that range from walking to swimming to organized sports.  I find this interesting because substance abuse is extremely serious and addicting, being able to use physical activity and exercise to help the recovery process is quite amazing.  Having physical activity as a hobby is great way to deal with stressful situations and has many positive attributes that benefit patients even programs are over.  Another great thing about using physical activity is that it is extremely flexible, for example, it can be done with or without others, inside or outside, in a small place or large place, and can be in expensive and still effective.    !!!Keep checking my blog for updates on substance abuse and its relationship with physical activity!!! 

Abrantes, Ana M. "Exercise Preferences of Patients in Substance Treatmentabuse." Mental Health and Physical Activity 4.2 (2011): 79-87.

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