Friday, March 23, 2012

Post Assessing Dribbling at Newark Valley Middle School

Today I went to Newark Valley Middle School to finish up our post assessment of dribbling and to observe a classroom.  The classroom we observed was a 7th grade health class which had a guest lecturer and they discussed the term consequence and reputation.  The discussions were very interesting and one response a student had for a good consequence was when someone eats they become full.  I thought that was creative and funny for a 7th grader.  The discussion for the reputation led to one student commenting that if someone were to steal or lie they would taint their reputation, I thought the vocabulary, using the word taint, was very impressive for a 7th grader.  Once the health class was over we post assessed the same class we had Monday for the basketball skill dribbling.  We warmed them up with some stretching in between the game Pac man Tag.  The next activity was our post assessment which was a continuous dribbling game of knockout and when a person knocked out they went to the other area and every time they got knocked out they just kept going to the other area.  After getting our post assessment data we asked our host teacher if we could let the kids go outside because it was such a nice day.  So we went outside for the remainder of the period and played freeze tag with the class, however towards the end of class when we had to line up and go inside two girls who were sitting out did not behave.  I looked over at them and saw one of them drop a stone and the other one put it in her pocket, I asked if she could put it down and she said it was for her boyfriend, my response was well it has to stay outside because we cannot bring stones into school.   She ignored me and walked away so I informed my host teacher and she escorted the little girl to the office.  The lessons we taught and saw today were well organized and ran pretty smoothly for being a Friday with elementary and middle school students.  

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