Friday, March 16, 2012

Rules and Routines!!!

Children can get out of hand in a hurry in the gym and in the classroom; this is where proper routines and rules should be in place.  Having proper managerial procedures can help run a class much more effectively.  One thing I learned when I was shadowing an elementary physical education teacher was to give directions in order and if they do not get that then simplify it more and give them the directions one at a time.  For example if a group of students were given the directions to line up, put the equipment away, and be quite, the students may be confused and may be a little chaotic.  The directions should go in an order such as put the equipment away, line up, and be quite, then students get the directions in an order and there is less confusion.   Also try to limit student’s distractions, if students are playing with equipment when directions or instructions are being given can cause other students to lose focus and cause students to start chattering.  On a personal experience I was explaining to 5th graders how to throw a Frisbee through a hula hoop, I was getting a little frustrated because with my loud deep voice I still felt I was continually talking over everyone, after my directions were given my host teacher pointed out that if the students put the equipment down (hula hoops) they will be less distracted.  Reflecting on this scenario I agree if the students had the hoops on the floor they wouldn’t have been having a conversation about hula hooping.  

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