Sunday, February 19, 2012

 Lab 10 for EDU 355 was about exercising the imagination and building inanimate objects (image).  With growing obesity these days a lot of people say that kids need to get out more and get away from the TV.  I agree with that but a lot of kids when they get outside they do not know what to do, this is where we as educators need embrace active imaginations and help kids be able to use their imagination no matter how boring or “lame” the environment is.  Mirroring is a nice warm up for the students, have the students pair up, designating one student as the follower and the other as the leader.  Then the pair will mimic or mirror each other’s movements.  Having stations that are super hero based are always great way to motivate students to participate.  One set of stations for example would be Spiderman Fitness, where there will be 5 stations, sprint back and forth between 10 foot areas, wall pushups, leaping objects of various heights, low balance beam walking, jumping rope or slalom jumping.  Using props such as newspapers can be a good and efficient way to expand imaginations.  We built imaginary dream houses on pieces of newspaper and made different sounds for different tools, and different movements for different activities that are involved in building houses.  Another newspaper game was building a bridge somehow over the newspaper.  Once everyone was done with the newspaper activities we crumpled up the newspapers and threw them in the recycle bin.  Another game that we played that could be played with older groups as well was the inanimate object game.  This involved groups of students about 3 to 4 preferably and they had to act out inanimate objects such as; toast in a toaster, wheels and a motorcycle, sunflowers in a garden, ect.  Ending the lesson with a class talk about how everything man made was once just an imagination in someone’s head.  I think kids as a generation lack imagination because I feel that their minds are made up already with all the video games and sitting in front of the TV.  I believe kids should be outside playing and exploring their imaginations without the influence of the TV and video games.  

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