Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My New School!

My first day at Newark Valley Middle School for my field hours for my EDU 355 lab was a very positive experience.  My partner and I got to the school after driving for 40 minutes, and the main office secretary is tremendously nice she helped us sign in and pointed us towards the gym where we ran into the other physical education teacher.  He is a super nice guy and was playing floor hockey with the kids and one thing I noticed at the end of his lesson he named a player of the day and I thought that was an appropriate award for playing hard.  The teacher then proceeded to bring us into the big gym where we met our host teacher.  She was just as nice as the other PE teacher and she gave us a run down on how they set up and warm the students up.  The students come into the gym and sit at a spot on the floor, the spots look like they are randomly chosen but the teacher actually puts them in spots based on alphabetical order to take attendance.  After attendance the students listen to music and jogged around the gym for a few minutes and the two classes split with either my host teacher or the other physical education teacher.  Our teacher was playing ultimate kickball which was actually a very fun game but it was all they did.  The game had two teams one team kicking and one team pitching/ defending the defending team when the ball was kicked they had to get to a hula hoop that is spread out on the floor and they all had to throw and catch the ball and when the ball got back to the pitcher the possession was over.  The offensive team after they kick the ball had to run around two cones that were put in the gym and after they ran around and got passed a cone that team got a point.  The points would then have to be added up by the students and after three turns the teams switch spots.  I really enjoyed the game, the students and my host teacher,  I truly enjoy the school and the environment there and cannot wait to go back.

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