Thursday, February 9, 2012

EDU Lab 7

This lab had a jumping rope theme and we had many appropriate progressions and activities that were fun yet relevant.  We played lots of different games such as making shapes and letters with the rope on the floor, and then began walking on the rope, which led to jumping over the rope being stationary on the ground.  To start off for older students in the elementary setting letting the students just jump rope freestyle which gives them the opportunity to just get the jitters and some energy out of the way.  We then cut the big circle in half we were all in and half of us jumped rope however we wanted while the other group watched and then we switched roles.  The next progression was Double Dutch and only one of our classmates could complete it however we were cut short with time so we were unable to practice.  Jumping rope is a great fitness tool that helps with cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, balance, coordination, and rhythm.  It is also an inexpensive piece of equipment and rope is pretty durable so the equipment will last a while.  One safety cue that needs to always be addressed when teaching jump rope is never allow students to wrap the rope around there neck or other body parts also do not allow them to swing the rope at other students.  There are many websites online where you can find jump ropes and other fitness equipment.

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