Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st time running the class at NVMS

Today was our first day back to Newark Valley Middle School after missing last Monday due to Presidents Day and the students were starting floor hockey.  Today my partner ran the first classes warm up, she used the game rock, paper, scissors tag.
-Rock, Paper, Scissor Tag
- The game starts with all students getting a partner and lining up across from each other half court.  Students then play rock, paper, scissors with their partner and the winner becomes the runner and the non winner becomes the tagger, the goal is for the tagger to tag the runner before the runner runs back to their wall on their side of the half court.
The game flowed rather well the only thing I suggested for my partner was to bring the students in when directions are given instead of talking to the kids all spread out in the gym.  The students really enjoyed the game and even asked if they could play it with different motor skills besides running.
After that warm up our teacher took control of the class for their first floor hockey lesson, which was mostly focused around puck handling, proper hand positions on the stick, proper stance, and spatial awareness.
For the second class that we are at the school for is usually the second PE class for that class that day due to scheduling and lack of time.  Therefore the class the teacher suggested if we had any fun games for them to play and I suggested they try the activity which focuses on trust and the student must guide each other through the gym with obstacles spread out.  The student that has to be guided cannot see and the person who is guiding was not allowed to talk.  The students came up with a few creative ways of communicating for example one boy stomped really loud when his partner needed to step up or jump, another student shrugged their partners shoulder up when they had to jump.  I thought these were very creative and allowed each of them to explain their strategy to the class.  The next activity we played we used Frisbees and hula hoops, and progressively started at throwing the Frisbee and hula hooping, to seeing how many hoops we can throw the Frisbee through and what different strategies we can use.
The kids had a lot of fun and the feedback I received after running the class was that when I am explaining directions to grab the kids attention a little bit better I should have the direction to put the equipment down or hold it still while I am talking.

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