Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Edu lab 8

Today when we walked into lab we picked up the lesson where we left off with lab 7 the jump rope lab.  When we got to lab a classmate and I were picked to help our professor demonstrate how to swing the ropes and jump when Double Dutching.  There were a couple of my classmates that were able to jump and stay jumping with two ropes but most of us including our professor just could not figure it out.  We then started in with hoop games, we played multiple of games that ranged in difficulty for students kindergarten through six.
-Introductory Activity
1.  Travel around the hoops- students run around the hoop changing locomotor skills but cannot enter inside the hoop.
2.  Inside Instant Color- The students get in a big circle and stand inside their hoops.  When the music starts the students move around the outside of the circle in using locomotor skills, and when a color is called out by the instructor all the students must find that color and place their body part or stand in that hoop.  Image found
- Fitness Activity
1.  Hot feet- Promotes agility and quickness,  students jump in and out of the hoop as fast as they can.
2.  Hands of The Clock- Students are in the pushup position with their feet inside their hoop and their arms or upper half of the body are pointed at a certain direction or “time” like the hands on a clock.
-Lesson Focus
1.  Spin your hoop and run around it- students spin their hoops like a quarter on a table and see how many times they can run around it before it hits the ground.
2.  Poison hoop- this helps students explore that space behind them at the lower elementary levels, students hold the hoop over their head and let go of it, the object is to not allow the hoop to touch you as it falls.
3.  Walk the dog- invite the kids to walk around the gym and roll their hoop around, as they get the hang of it show them how to spin their hoop so it goes out in front of them and comes back.  Some modifications can be to kick the hoop up to you when the hoop spins backwards.   Also have students jump over the hoop while the hoop is moving (stress safety), students could also dive through the hoops (stressing safety).
-Groups of three activities
1.  Twister-  have four hula hoops make a square (kind of) and have each circle be a different color, the students will be spread out around the outside of the hoops and the teacher says for example “right hand red, left foot blue, and ect”
2.  Ring pass Contest-  Three students hold each other’s hands in a circle and one person will have their arm in a hoop and they will try to maneuver through the hoop until they back to where they started.

Hoops games are extremely fun for the students; even I enjoy playing with Hula Hoops and playing simple games.  Just always remember the safety aspect with diving and running around a gym, students must have competent spatial awareness.

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