Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stations and Progressions

Today in our EDU 355 lab we had a bunch of stations set up that we were suppose to go to and participate in and then pick one station and my partner and I made progressions for that activity at that station.  The stations were horseshoes or ring toss, juggling, puck handling, football throwing, blind wall toss, paddle ball, soccer passing, volleyball passing, basketball dribbling, and wall toss.
My partner and I chose juggling for an activity and made progressions with a bunch of different equipment.  We used handkerchiefs, tennis balls, bean bags, gator skin balls, rings, and juggling sticks or pins.  We started with singled handed juggling with two objects, then progressively moved to two hands and 3 objects, and ended with partner juggling.  
Another group demonstrated paddle ball and did well with their progressions.  They started with hitting a balloon in the air, to moving and hitting, to using a beach ball, then they incorporated the paddled, they ended the progressions with hitting a beach ball against the wall or at a target to a partner.
The ring toss group had an interesting set up using a wide variety of equipment.  They lined up cones, along with the wooden peg, and a baseball tee.  The students were allowed to throw different size rings at the objects like hula hoops, flying discs, and smaller rubber rings.  Therefore the students were allowed to choose what they threw, what they threw at, and the distance, it was clearly an inclusion teaching style, and was very well thought of for being on the go.

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