Monday, February 20, 2012

No Age Limit on Physical Activity!

Staying physically active and living a healthy life is something to strive for.  People of all ages can stay physically fit, the human body is an amazing thing just ask the Boston Celtics who have an average age of 29 years old one the older teams in the league.  That number may not be that big however their starters have an average age of 33 years old.  The Boston Celtics are still an elite basketball team with Hall Of Fame players.  All of these players including the starters are in top physical condition, coincidently the oldest player on the Celtics roster is in arguably the best shape, Ray Allen.  Ray Allen plays the shooting guard position and his whole game is derived from constantly running off screens and creating space between him and his defender without the ball.  Doing this means he has to be continuously moving on the offensive end, doing this demands a lot of stamina.  The Boston Celtics and Ray Allen are not the only people who stay in shape as time ticks the National Senior Game Association is an organization that has seniors compete in games for medals.  It is going to be held in Cleveland Ohio this upcoming year and the age groups range from 50 to 80 plus years old.  The games that offer medals are Table Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Triathlon, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cycling, Golf, Horseshoes, Pickle ball, Race Walk, Racquetball, Road Race, Shuffleboard, Softball, and Swimming.  Being a Physical Education major I can tell you that all of these activities should be introduced to students at some point during their Physical Education experience. Physical Fitness and Physical Activity have no age limit I know the NSGA would agree with me just as Ray Allen and the Boston Celtics would too.  Image

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